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The College Chef

eating good on tight budget

DK, The College Chef
7 February 1986
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This is a blog mainly directed at college students and young people. Both folks who love to cook and those have just found themselves stranded from home cooking and poor. There will be all types of recipes here but the main factor is 'cheap and tasty food.' I'll try to post the prices of everything I use. But nota bene, I live in Georgia where prices are a lot cheaper than in most of the country but I do frequent NC, SC and NYC so I'll try to let you know the prices of the basics when I can.

I live in an off campus apartment now, but I will try to post as many microwaveable recipes as well.

If you are looking for a particular type of recipes, I do make great use of the tagging feature. Recipes are labelled by style (japanese, italian, american, etc.) difficulty (easy, medium, hard), and method (oven, stovetop, microwave friendly, microwave). I love to cook and will probably post a few recipes that are over the college typical budget and fare those will be tagged expensive.

I'm new to the whole blogging thing so if I make mistakes, let me know please.

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I'm DK! I am a junior electrical engineering tech. major at Georgia Southern University. I'm also studying art and music. I'm graduating Spring 08 and moving forward to get a MS in Industrial design. I'm 20, blackanese and originally from North Carolina. Cooking is something I've been doing all my life. This blog started out as my way to help fellow college students. I've been blogging since november, I took a long hiatus b/c of personal things but I'm feeling a lot better so I hope to be back more.

In my spare time I like anime(currently: Princess Tutu and Pretty Cure) , jrock, a bit of rnb and hip hop. and making my own jewellry and designing tshirts. feel free to check out Engineered Cupcake

I have a job at the local Shoney's. I'm what you could say a combination dishwasher, cook, buffet prep. I run all over the kitchen doing whatever Ms. Teresa and Mr. Lewis want me to do. And I'm so quick and good that my two bosses argue over me! How crazy is that?

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I am currently saving up for a quality hosting site so I can post cooking show videos, and the blogs. I'm working on my first cookbook as well. If you're interested in where I get recipes from and the equipment I use in my kitchen then please check out my store via Amazon

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